Review :: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
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Hiya Darlings~

~*~*~ I have to admit I haven't been trying out too many BB Creams as of late since I seem to be more interested in CC Creams lol but I did recently try out Missha's Perfect Cover BB Cream and I'll be reviewing that today! ^^

Product Information

     Description: This Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream makes your skin tone clean and natural by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage. It is a multifunctional BB Cream with the effect of blocking UV rays, whitening & wrinkle care effects that simplify makeup formalities. Its moisturized application with W/S texture makes skin tone sleek while supplying moisture and nutrition at the same time. 
     Direction: After using BB boomer, apply an appropriate amount along the skin texture and finish with powder. Do not need to apply sun cream in addition.
     Capacity: 50ml

The packaging and design for this BB was extremely mature, but Missha doesn't cater to a younger audience alone (like Etude House does) so it was a bit expected. Either way, I had high hopes for this BB because I've heard good results for its amazing coverage!

After using this BB for nearly a week, I have to admit I'm not a big fan of it! I bought it mostly for the coverage and the coverage was the most disappointing part. It's not a bad BB cream, but it's all over mediocre. Nothing really wow'd me though nothing really made me hate it either. The coverage was okay. The oil control was okay. Everything was just kind of okay. 

I expected something better from a product with a name like "Perfect Cover" and although it gave my face a nice, sleek finish, it hardly hid my under eye circles or the majority of redness from my pimples. It also didn't really fill in my pores around my nose which is quite disappointing considering the Etude House CC Cream (a mere, sheer coverage CC cream!) could do that, but a BB cream with a name like "Perfect Cover" couldn't. Do I have too high of an expectation? >.< Am I just really angry about their name choice? I don't know. Maybe~ lol. 

The description also notes that using a BB boomer would heighten the results of this BB cream. I looked it up and a BB boomer is basically a primer made specifically for BB creams to give better texture, longer lasting etc. Frankly, I don't think a BB boomer would have made me like this BB cream that much more so to that, I will pass. 

Oil Test:

Although it does look like the Perfect Cover BB Cream has a lot of oil, it really wasn't the case. Probably the thing I liked the most about this BB was its oil control. My face stayed relatively oil free even after wearing this BB cream for over 5 hours.

This BB does have a lightweight feel on my face after application and I like that it feels natural and doesn't weigh my face down and make me feel like I have heavy makeup on.

  Lightweight after application
  Good oil control
  Non-greasy texture
  High SPF (SPF 42PA+++)

  Mediocre coverage (doesn't hide dark circles, bright redness from pimples very well)
  Doesn't completely fill in pores

Oil Control:

Final Verdict: Overall I give this BB Cream 3.5! It's definitely not an exciting item for me; it's just an average BB Cream and personally average isn't enough for me to re-purchase. Since there are lots of people who seemed to have tried this BB and liked it because of it's amazing coverage for acne & acne scars, do feel free to try it out regardless of my review of it here. haha However I would recommend purchasing the smaller size (at 20ml) instead of the 50ml version I have on here (It's also a lot cheaper so you don't have to feel like you're committing to something you might not like). You can purchase 20ml version here & 50ml version here!

Thanks For Reading!!

Stay Lovely,
Aria. =^-^=

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