Review :: Garnier Skin Renew Dark Spot Treatment Mask
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Hiya everyone~

~*~*~ Just going to do a super quickie review of a sheet mask today!! ^^

I have to admit that I haven't really seen many American face masks in the form of a sheet. I'm not sure if that's just where I live... or I just don't look hard enough... but I've only seen clay masks and etc. so I was really surprised when I saw that Garnier had come out with a sheet mask.

I was also excited of course because I've only tried Asian sheet masks so I quickly picked myself up one of these Garnier sheet masks from Wal-Mart! XD

Product Information

     Description: Skin Renew introduces Dark Spot Treatment Mask, a 10-minute gentle facial mask with Vitamin C that leaves skin intensely hydrated for 24 hours and brightens for a smoother-looking, radiant skin that feels refreshed and revitalized. This translucent tissue mask with breakthrough stretch-to-fit technology acts as a "second skin" providing smoother and better adherence to the natural contours of the face for maximum comfort and effectiveness.
     Directions: Cleanse and dry face. Gently place mask on face and adjust around eyes, nose and mouth. After 10 minutes, remove mask and massage remaining product into skin.
     Capacity: 19ml

So... in terms of comfort and how relaxing/ how much I enjoyed this mask, I thought it was really great. I was only supposed to leave it on for 10 minutes, but I really like how nice it felt on my skin. Totally revitalizing and refreshing. The vitamin C was not stingy and my skin loved it. I think I left it on for 30 minutes? I have no idea. I lost track of time playing on the PS3. >.<

Needless to say there wasn't much to massage in by the time I took it off. LOL 

It's definitely not one of those annoying drippy masks either. It has just enough essence in it to last about 15-20 minutes.

In terms of results.... I don't know. I think that whole "dark spot" thing is a scam LOL. Note that the above pictures reads "For optimal results on dark spots, use together with Skin Renew Clinical Dark Spots and Dark Spot Overnight Peel."

Maybe I'm just cynical, but reading that to me means that it's not going to work, just a really smart way to advertise and sucker consumers to buy all of the other products in the series before they realize that the results aren't that great. 

The hydration part of the mask was mediocre. I mean it was was definitely there, but compared with any line of Asian masks that promises hydration, Garnier's mask definitely falls short. It's not that hydrating at all. Same with the results for skin brightening. And the effects on dark spots are of course, non-existent. 

I think the thing I was most excited to try out was the "second skin" stretch-to-fit cotton mask itself. It didn't really turn out the way I was expecting.

What I expected was a small mask sheet that you can easily stretch bigger to fit your face shape properly.

What I actually got was a really good quality mask sheet that is durable so you can gently tug at it without fear of breaking it. I mean the quality of the cotton was amazing, and it was very soft and comfortable on my face, but it really doesn't stretch all that much so don't expect anything more than that. 

Mask Fit:

Final Verdict: I think this is a nice mask if you just want to put something cooling on your face and relax after a long day, but if results is what you're specifically looking for, skip this one.

Thanks For Reading!!

Stay Lovely,
Aria. =^-^=

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Review :: The Face Shop Aura Color Control CC Cream
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Hellooooo Lovelies!!

~*~*~ Sorry I haven't posted much reviews lately. I've been obsessed with playing Tales of Xillia. I never finish my games ever and I made a vow I'd finish this one at least, but its a very long (though great) adventure! haha If anyone hasn't tried the Tales series and like anime/RPG style games with a great storyline, I definitely recommend Tales of Xillia or Tales of Grace F. fuhu~

Anyways, away with today's review which I'm absolutely ecstatic about!! It's another CC Cream review, but this one comes in a very interesting format!

Spoiler Alert!!! 
I love this CC Cream! LOL! It is not only my new favorite CC Cream.
It is also my favorite/preferred choice of base makeup right now over any other foundation/BB/CC I've tried up to date which is a really amazing feat! 
Definitely on my Holy list now! XD

Product Information

     Description: Color Control Cream that creates a radiant and clear make-up appearance as if the skin is being spotlighted. Benefits/Effects include: Wrinkle Care, Whitening, UV Protection, Radiant & Brighter Skin Tone, Darkening-proof Formula (12 Hour Long-lasting), Silver Vine Complex: Skin Brightening Effect.
     Directions: Pump 1-2 times to release the formula. After skincare, apply evenly onto face in a light tapping motion using the enclosed CC puff. Do the same for the touch-ups.
     Capacity: 20g

So there are 2 things about this CC Cream that really caught my eye because...
ONE - I find that it's quite advantageous/cute/interesting
TWO - It differs from the typical CC Creams

The first one of course is the packaging! I'm not talking about the outside packaging but the packaging of the actual product (which you will be able to see below). Rather than the typical tube like packaging most CC Creams come in, The Face Shop's CC Cream actually comes in a compact completed with a CC puff and a mirror! I love that! It's such a new, fresh concept! Haha

There's actually a plastic film over the mirror you're supposed to peel off (probably to protect it from scratches & etc before it gets to the costumer) and I didn't peel it off with this shot so the mirror doesn't look that clear. I assure you, after you peel off the plastic it's fine. lol

The pink thing is the underside of the puff. Usually I don't use puffs/brushes with my base makeup because 1. the puffs that come with it are usually horrid, and 2. I really just prefer the texture of my fingers rubbing it in on my face. 

That said, I really really REALLY like the puff that came with this CC Cream! It is a good puff! lol. It's not really a puff (like the ones you get with blushers) but more of a sponge. It has the same texture as one of those Beauty Blender sponges. It also applies really nicely and flawlessly so for once I've traded in my fingers for this little CC puff. 

The second thing that caught my eye about this is that it's not the same white texture with color beads as the previous CC Creams I've tried. It's actually a skin color like you would find with BB Creams or Foundations. 

I actually like this a lot better because although the color beads do color match to suit your skin color, it doesn't do it as well as a skin-tone color cream would. That's my opinion anyways! :3

Another interesting thing about this CC Cream is that it's actually refillable. I didn't know this until I was taking pictures of it. haha I think this is so neat because 1. it's probably cheaper to buy the refill 2. environmentally friendly because less plastic waste!

The sad thing is that I haven't found an online store that sell the refills alone. You might have to go directly into a FaceShop store to purchase that.

Okay so here are the before and after shots. The after photo looks a little ghastly white, but I assure you that's not the case at all! One of the things I love about this CC Cream is how beautifully natural and flawless it makes my skin look! It's definitely not a ghost kind of white, but a very natural skin looking kind of white!!!  

I actually find its whitening/brightening a lot more natural and radiant compared to the Etude House CC Cream (which was my previous big love).

It's coverage is also the most spectacular thing ever invented!! I ABSOLUTELY mean this!

Usually my daily base makeup consists of CC Cream and then concealer on under-eye circles or foundation on needed parts of my face. Since I have really bad dark circles under my eyes, even when my skin is perfect (as it can be) I have to dab SOMETHING on to help cover the darkness under my eyes.

With this Face Shop CC Cream... OMG... Redness, Acne Scars, Discoloration, Dark Eye Circles, GONE!! Gone, gone, gone! It's so heavenly and my face feels as flawless as it looks! Besides this CC Cream, I don't even need anything else!

  SUPER amazing coverage that hides pretty much everything
  Naturally looking, flawless complexion
  Brightening & radiance (Dewy/Glowy Effect with slightly matte feel)
  Comes in a compact with mirror & CC puff (easy touch ups)
  Compact case makes it travel & purse friendly
  Anti-darkening, color lasts all day (12 hours)
  Face feels light and fresh after application 
  UV protection SPF 30PA++
  Has very light, fresh perfume scent (not the usual floral smell XD)
  Doesn't play up dry skin patches like the other CC Creams I've tried
  Multiple skin-tone color creams matches skin-tone better (I have 01 Radiant Beige)
  Refills possible

Gets slightly oily after 4 hours in the summer heat. In normal/cooler weather, it lasts 5-6 hours before slight, non-shiny oil appears around nose. Small touch ups recommended when wearing for longer periods of time.

Application/Color Match:

Final Verdict: If possible, I'd probably giving this CC Cream 100 hearts! I definitely recommend trying this product out! It's made it so much easier for me to put on base makeup in the morning! Usually CC Creams are quite sheer so it's just amazing that this CC has so much coverage! If you haven't hopped on the CC train before this, now is the time. LOL! Buy it and see the amazing difference yourself!

I purchased this product here!

Thanks For Reading!!

Stay Lovely,
Aria. =^-^=

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