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Hello Lovelies~

~*~*~ I'm super happy today to talk about one of my favourite products of all time! It is in fact a holy grail item of mine! I simply CANNOT live without it! So *drumroll* here is Make Up For Ever's HD Microfinish Powder!

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, Make Up For Ever is not an Asian brand; it is a highly popular and well-known European brand (France). I thought I'd point that out because up until now I haven't spoken about any product that has been made outside of Korea lol.

I was actually introduced to this brand and product by a lady at Sephora over a year and a half ago. I remember telling her how foundation would often make my face extremely oily, shiny and gross, and asking her if there was a product that would help prevent that.

After my question, Ms. Sephora Lady said to me, "Well, what are you? Are you like oily, or like, REALLY oily?"

And absolutely embarrassed, I answered, "Err... REALLY oily."

I guess the phrase "no pain, no gain" is correct because the mortification of admitting one of my biggest makeup worry/complexes/grossness to a pretty stranger bought me to one of my all-time favourite products!

So enough of me blabbering about me, here's more pictures & info about the product!

Product Information

     Description: The HD range includes complexion products designed for the new needs of high definition image using very fine ingredients for an invisible, natural make-up finish. HD powder contains spherical microparticles which give the skin a perfect, glowingly natural complexion. Its usual "soft touch" formula produces and incredibly velvety effect. Talc free and not drying to the skin, it contains mineral silica powder and can be used on all skin types. Extremely fine and colorless, HD powder can be adapted to every skin tone.
     Directions: Use a very small quantity to obtain the desired natural effect. For best results, apply HD powder sparingly with the Microfinish Puff or the kabuki brush. 
     Capacity: 8.5g

So this loose powder actually comes in two sizes. The big one is 8.5g and the small one is 5g. Even though it looks like there isn't much in a container, a little goes a long way and the small one lasts me months even when I use it daily!

These powders are made to last under hot lighting for hours in professional photo-shoots so the oil control is superb! I used to have dry skin on just specific areas on my face and oil everywhere else so it was really complicated (and impossible) for me to find a powder that subdued my oil during a long day AND wont dry my skin out! This HD powder did just that for me!

- It doesn't dry out my skin
- Makes my skin super touchable, soft and velvety
- Lovely matte look
- Long-lasting, stays on your face to eat up your oils as you secrete them during the day

I think this powder does everything it claims to do except the "colorless" part. The powder is white, and though a very, very small amount does provide a natural look, any more and it gives you whitening capabilities. I personally LOVE that it's white, and makes my complexion look a bit lighter than it actually is, but this isn't a bonus for everyone and might not go extremely well with dark skin tones.

The larger size comes with a sifter inside that is very convenient to use. It's the perfect size for your favourite kabuki brush and dispenses a perfect amount. Before I bought the larger size, I actually tried out the smaller one and it's less convenient. I had to tap some of the powder out onto the black lid and dip a blush brush inside to get a bit of powder. The application with the smaller size is harder, but not impossible and still quite easy to use. 

Oil Control :
Setting Makeup/Finish :
Texture/Touchability :
Application :
Overall :
Final Thought: I DEFINITELY recommend this product to anyone who gets oily after a couple of hours. Obviously when looking for foundations/BB Creams/CC Creams, good oil control is better, but with this HD Powder I don't have to constantly worry about it. Good foundation oil control becomes a BONUS rather than a MUST! That said, if you prefer the dewy look, this powder may not be for you as it is matte.

This powder can be purchased at your local Sephora for approximately $38 CDN. The smaller size is approximately $20 CDN.

Thanks For Reading!!

Stay Lovely,
Aria. =^-^=

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