Review :: Baviphat Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel
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Hiya Lovelies~

~*~*~ I'm definitely one of those people that love exfoliating my face, but as my skin is weirdly sensitive of harsh scrubs, I haven't had much luck finding a good exfoliator. Rather than completely getting rid of my dead skin like they should, most exfoliators just end up making me dryer and my rough patches more scaly.

Truth is, when I first came across "Peeling Gels" I thought it was a gel type mask! haha Turns out, it's more like a gentler version of a facial scrub. The beads inside are typically finer and aren't as harsh on your skin. Funny thing is that "Peeling Gels" aren't always in gel forms.

Today, I'll introduce the first Peeling Gel I've tried and it's the Baviphat Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel!

First noticeable feature is the super cute packaging of course!! It's a peach container that fits in my palm! I'd be lying if I didn't admit that the packaging was what attracted me the most in the beginning.

It comes with a cute, little spoon inside for hygienic scooping.

Product Information

     Description: The Baviphat Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel is an exfoliation, pore care and brightening product, which contains peach extracts with vitamin C to make skin whiter and more resilient. Removal of dead skin cells help to improve cell renewal rate which aids in better absorption of skincare products.
     Directions: After washing face, apply suitable amount onto dry face, avoiding the area around the eyes and lips. Gently massage on until it starts to ball up and then wash it off with warm water.
     Capacity: 100g

So how is this peeling gel used?

Step One: Scoop one spoonful using the tiny spoon provided and massage on face.

Step Two: Keep massaging until product clumps up. Don't stop here! When product clumps up, use the clumps (as if they are grains) to massage face and more problem areas of the face.

Step Three: When product seems to have naturally dried up, and turns into tiny flaky clumps, it's finally time to wash it off! Enjoy your brighter and softer new skin! 

  Cute packaging
  Hygienic (comes with a tiny spoon)
  Great & Gentle Exfoliator 
  Makes skin super soft & touchable
  Amazing brightening & whitening
  Peach scent smells delicious!




Final Verdict: I absolutely love and worship this product and will recommend it to anyone! It not only makes my skin soft and smelling wonderfully delicious after, but my-oh-my does it have AMAZING brightening and whitening abilities! It's also gentle on the skin so it exfoliates just the right amount for me. I always find Baviphat products a little hard to find on cosmetic websites (or they're all sold out), but you can find this product on ebay! I know I will definitely re-purchase!

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Aria. =^-^=

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