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Hiya Lovelies~

~*~*~ I'm a huge fan of sheet masks because they are just so luxurious, fun and easy to use! I have so many different kinds that it's crazy I haven't posted a review on one haha so today I decided to review Barbie's Pure Mask Sheet in Vitamin C.

Product Information

     Description: Barbie Pure Vitamin C Mask Sheet is soaked with whitening and brightening moisturizer. It contains rich vitamin C to combat dark spots and facilitate the formation of collagen. Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen, which is a key protein of the skin. It is an antioxidant which reduces skin damage caused by free radicals. The concentrations of Vitamin C in this gentle mask sheet are easily absorbed into skin to leave it shine. 
     Directions: After cleansing & toning, gently place mask on the face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before removing. Massage if any essence remains and follow with normal skin procedure. No rinsing required. 

Vitamin C is one of those vitamins that's supposed to be really, really good for your skin because of its brightening/whitening abilities and the fact that it's an antioxidant. If you don't know what an antioxidant is, it's basically something that stops free radicals from forming in our bodies.

If you don't know what free radicals are, they're basically an Oxygen molecule that floats around the body by itself and apparently causes havoc. It's suggested that these lone flowing oxygen molecules are what causes aging because there's research that show an increase in these "free radicals" as you age.

Now the THEORY OF FREE RADICALS and antioxidants is that if you absorb/eat things with antioxidants in it, you can prevent these free radicals from forming, which THEREFORE lengthens your life, or the life of say, your skin/organs and etc.

Now keep in mind, this is just a theory!!! I personally don't buy it. This theory has NOT been scientifically proven at all. Just because there is an increase in "free radicals" as you age does NOT mean that's actually what's causing aging and/or wrinkles! And even if it were, "antioxidants" may not work in the way we think they work. 

HOWEVER, that does NOT stop the marketing companies from saying it does work or works to some degree. My professor made me watch this huge, long documentary about how people use half-assed (excuse the french) scientific theories to boost marketing sales. Because people think "oh they're using scientific words, and say its scientifically proven, it MUST work!" people often get scammed into things that aren't actually proven and guess what's one of the top scientifically non-proven trends of today??? That's right! Marketing with the words "Antioxidants"!

Anyways, this ended up being a rant post instead of a review post it seems LOL

Although I don't believe in that whole free radical theory, it is absolutely true that Vitamin C does brighten your skin and this mask sheet definitely did that!

Mask fit is never going to adhere to your face perfectly, but I thought this mask was pretty close! I like that it had eye flaps so I could sleep/rest and fold it over my eyelids also!

  Good mask fit
  Eye flaps
  Skin brightening
  Absorbed quickly on skin
  Mask non drippy
  Leftover essence to use
  Fresh lemon scent

  Vitamin C made me slightly itchy at intervals (but not a big deal)
  Did not fade dark spots

Mask Fit:  
Texture & Absorbancy:

Final Verdict: Overall I think this is a pretty good mask! You can buy this on Sasa or try out the other masks in this series! The last time I checked, there was a limit to the amount of Barbie masks you can purchase at one time. (I think it was 2 for each type of mask)

Thanks for reading ^^

Stay Lovely,
Aria. =^-^=

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