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Hiya Lovelies~

~*~*~ I don't know about you, but I'm definitely not a fake eyelashes everyday kind of girl. Maybe because I'm horrid at putting them on (I can never seem to make them symmetrical, but maybe my eyelids are just totally different shaped LOL) so I need other ways to make my lashes look long and full.

Mascara doesn't always help either because if your lashes are super thin and short, then there's only a certain extent the mascara could help you.

Anyways, I've been wanting to buy some lash serum for a while, and when I started noticing that my lashes were falling out more than the usual naturally-hair-falling out process, I started to worry. At first I thought it was because I was cleansing too harshly, but when even the most gentle cleansing made them fall, I quickly bought some lash serum.

Product Information

     Description: Lash essence that makes your lashes healthy by providing nutrients. For eyelash growth of phytocollagen & aloe vera.
     Directions: Coat lashes from root to tip morning & night. Best used as a base before mascara.
     Capacity: 7ml

After using this product for about a month (only at night) my lashes are definitely a lot more healthy and no longer fall out! It's also grown a little bit, but not that much. It might be fairer to say that this doesn't really make your lashes grow, but instead makes your lashes healthier so they have greater potential to grow. Maybe that's why some of my individual lashes have grown a bit with this product, while other individual lashes haven't grown at all.

  Makes lashes strong & healthy
  Promotes healthy lashes for growing factors

  Does sting a tiny bit if you get it in your eyes
  Doesn't really make lashes grow


Final Verdict: I would recommend this lash essence if you're looking for some stronger, healthier lashes, but if your only concern is for lash growth, this serum alone probably won't cut it. You can find this lash essence here!

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Aria. =^-^=

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