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Saturday, 20 July 2013 ‚ 15:48 ‚ Leave a comment

Hello Lovelies ^^

So first of all, welcome to my blog if you happened to stumble upon this. You can call me Aria. Um... This is rather embarrassing, but I'm not really sure why I decided to blog. I guess it's just because it seemed like a lot of fun and I wanted to give it a try.

On that note, this blog really has nothing to do with cats. LOL You can see I'm trying really hard by posting the little cat pix on the side, but yeah, sorry to disappoint, but this has nothing to do with cats. (The Japanese word for cat is "Neko" for those that don't know)

So what will I be blogging about if not cats?
- Makeup Reviews (Asian & American, whatever cute finds I can get my hands on)
- Random Interests (Whatever they may be at the moment)
           - My utterly depressing (& romance-less) life (Complaints! A lot of complaints! Why don't boys ever like me?!?!) (This will probably end up being a really pathetic blog. LOL I can see it already)

Going to post my first official-official post soon (I hope) so look forward to it!

Anyways thanks for reading my little weird intro. Since I'm a total noobie at blogging, if anyone wants to give me some blogging tips (or just wants to be friends) don't be afraid to leave me a comment! ^^

Stay Lovely,
Aria. =^-^=
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