Candy Thats Good For You
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~*~*~ Hihi everyone,

So just a random blabber for the day! haha

Lately I've been trying to lose weight and its god awful because eating yummy things is not just a favorite pastime to me, it's a hobby, it's a SKILL! Not only do I have a massive sweet-tooth, anything deep fried is up my aisle, which means my daily calorie in-take is HUGE!

But I've made up my mind because I want to wear super, cute, Asian dresses, and ugh, everything only comes in one size (extra-small), which is frustrating as heck! So I've curbed my diet and began to eat more healthy (at least until I lose a couple of pounds) and have started to exercise. >.< Gaining weight is so easy you can do it in your sleep, but losing weight is so difficult!!

Anyways before I start rambling about how many calories I lose on the treadmill per 10 min jog VS how many calories is in half a cup of ice cream, what I really wanted to talk about today was vitamins! Yes! Vitamins! And in particular, these ones:

Before I say anything else, let me be the first to say that these little vitamins are DELICIOUS! They are a godsend item I swear! I don't know about anyone else, but I never take my daily multivitamin. I mean, I know it's good for you, especially if your diet isn't well-balanced and you eat more of certain foods than others (ex: no veggies), but I find it such a hassle and sometimes the pills are just too big and hard to swallow. But something that has always amazed me was kids vitamins! They're just so fun! Plus they come in cute shapes and fruit flavours so I always try my little sister's vitamins when she gets them.

Not that half of them taste very good. Like fruit gummy with a medicine taste.

But all that has now changed with Centrum's new Flavour Bursts! These vitamins come in two flavours: Blue Raspberry & Blackberry(? I believe. Either that or Blueberry) They are so yummy! They taste like bigger sized Skittles and has a nice chewy center!

Anyways, I am ADDICTED! And since I have mad cravings for sugary things since I'm on a diet, I (pathetically) use these vitamins as a candy substitute. LOL I hope I don't overdose on these things! haha

Although I only have the picture for the kids vitamins, Centrum also has these same vitamins for adults. The flavours are a bit different in the adult version: Blue Raspberry, Cherry & Grape, but they taste just as good. (I know because I bought 2 containers of the kids ones and one of the adult one! haha) I checked the recommended dosage on both the kids and the adults, and one vitamin contains the exact amount of vitamins & minerals in both versions. The only difference is that the proper dosage for an adult is 3 vitamins and the proper dosage for kids is 2 vitamins. So potentially you can just buy the kids vitamins and eat 3 vitamins instead of 2. (I like it more because I'm not much of a grape or cherry fan)

Anyways, in other random news, I decided to get bloglovin' because I want a cute Eiffel Tower gif on the side bar haha

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And that's it for my random outburst today! Thanks so much for reading ^^

Stay Lovely,
Aria. =^-^=

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Blogger Black Ragdoll said...

Hello! Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog! I'm glad some crazy fangirl like me found it ;P

And omg I know about the losing weight problem. It's like impossible... but I hope both you and I can make it to our ideal sizes! ((;

25 July 2013 at 04:56  
Blogger ~*~Aria~*~ said...

@ Black

Heres to me and you then! Cheers! XD

28 July 2013 at 03:01  

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